Greendales - Self Titled Lp

Greendales - Self Titled Lp

We've been sitting on some "transitional copies" of this release for a rainy day, well it's a rainy day and here they are! We only have 22 of them in the store, once they're gone, they're gone!

Right on time for the classic album 27th anniversary, the Greendales covered the Riverdales - Self Titled full length in its entirety. This thing is strictly limited to just 200 copies of each color on Vinyl only. No other formats will be available so if you don't pick up a record. You're out of luck. The Greendales are a Mom's Basement Records dream team of sorts with the alien and the basement from the SUCK joining forces with Brody from Proton Packs to cover one of their favorite albums of all time in honor of its special anniversary.

Fun Tonight
Judy Go Home
Wanna Be Alright
Back To You
Not Over Me
She's Gonna Break Your Heart
I Think About You During The Commercials
Plan 13
Outta Sight
In Your Dreams
Hampton Beach