Ghost Party - Afterlife Of The Party Lp (2nd Pressing)

Ghost Party - Afterlife Of The Party Lp (2nd Pressing)

The long awaited debut full length from Ghost Party Is finally here! The album is titled “Afterlife Of The Party” and judging by its title, you know you’re in for a good time. Ghost Party is a pop punk supergroup that specializes in writing songs about having fun, horror movies, beer girls, beer, pizza rolls and beer. You might think that the singers voice sounds familiar and that’s bc it probably does, as it features Teflon Dave from the infamous Horror Section on guitar and vocals. The band also features Billy Putz on Bass and back vocals and Patrick Mcvay on drums, so you can see where im getting that whole pop punk supergroup thing from. Both of those bands are beloved in our little scene so if you’re a fan of either of those bands, there’s a very good change that you’ll like Ghost Party! The songs rule and we love them, we think that you will too so grab yourself a stag and turn it up. Cheers!

1 - Halloween 99
2 - Worst Movies, Best Nights
3 - Know It All
4 - Lame Beach Party
5 - Scream Mask
6 - Killing Time
7 - This Is Why I Drink
8 - You’re My Baby
9 - Lisa’s Out Of Control
10 - Friend Request
11 - I Found You
12 - Ghost Party Anthem

2nd pressing on 100 copies of mixed blue vinyl

Each screen printed variant is limited to 15 copies, and some of these contain awesome looking mixed color variants