Highschool Dropouts - S/T Lp

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Highschool Dropouts - S/T Lp

The debut full length from Italian punk rockers "HighSchool Dropouts". The album was originally released in 2002 by Wynona Records as a Cd only deal. Badman Records decided this classic needed a proper release on vinyl in July 2022 so here you are. Limited to 300 copies on yellow vinyl. Check out a young Matt from proton packs on that front cover. Don't miss out!

1 She Makes Me Sick
2 Feelin' Alright
3 Harry Crumb™, Private Eye
4 Shortfall In My Head
5 I Need You...To Kill You
6 Braindamage
7 Eraserhead
8 Flux Capacitor
9 Lost In Time
10 Things You Do
11 Patterns
12 Suicide Mission