Lustkill - Self Titled Lp/Cd

$10.00 - $30.00
Lustkill - Self Titled Lp/Cd

The debut full length from Lustkill from Columbus, Ohio is finally here. These 3 dudes have been tearing up their local scene for a few years now and after a couple of digital singles, and a split 7". The full length is ready! 13 bubblegummy pop punk songs about booze, girls and having fun, you know, classic pop punk stuff. If you like Lookout or Mutant Pop, you'll dig Lustkill.

Each vinyl variant is limited to 100 copies each, the test presses are limited to 20 copies and the cds are limited to 200 copies.

***The t-shirt is only available during this preorder, it starts today 2/2 and ends next Friday 2/9. This color way is label exclusive as is the label logo on the sleeve. These shirts will have to ship separately but the good news is that the records will ship right away!***

Goth Girls
Chick Gutter
Daydream Queen
Chasing Cars
Like Like You
Little Candy Hearts
Beer Song