Punk Rock Raduno Vol.5 Lp

Punk Rock Raduno Vol.5 Lp

The annual Punk Rock Raduno Compilation Lp is back!! These comps are one of my favorite things about the summer and although we went without for the past 2 years, this banger was well worth the wait. We're very stoked to be a part of like always. We only have 50 copies available. Get 'em while they're hot!


Chixdiggit – Yukiko

Giant Eagles – Stuck With Nothing

Beatnik Termites – Beach Girl

Stinking Polecats – Johnny

The Methadones – We Were Gonna Murder Arthur Dubar

Geoff Palmer – Stuck With You

Lone Wolf – After Dark

Baby Shakes– Gimme Gimme Your Love

Peawees– Reach The Rock


Dan Vapid & The Cheats – Giving Yourself Away

Huntingtons – I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

Prince Beastly – King or Sultan

The Sino Hearts – Teenage Superstar

The Yodees – Fairy Tale

Lucy And The Rats – 2000 Man

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – They're Wrong Dead Wrong

Highschool Dropouts – Highway Patrol