Shackleford - 3 - Lp or Cd

Shackleford - 3 - Lp or Cd

The debut full length from Nuneaton U.K.s own Shackleford. The band formed in 2014 and has dropped one full length and 2 self released eps over the years. Their full length 3 was originally released in 2021 by the now defunct Side Mission records on vinyl and the always killer Cat's Claw Records on Cassette. We swooped right in on this killer band in early 2022 and brought em' on home with us here in the USA. This band oozes killer harmonies and writes nothing but anthemic bangers with angst ridden and self deprecating lyrical content, just the way we like them. We asked them if we could reissue their debut full length on Cd to keep things moving through all of these dumb vinyl delays and shortages. They said yes, here we are. Wingo Man, these cds are quite lovely so don't miss out. Limited to 105 hand numbered copies.

The Attrition
Dragged Along
Guilt Would Creep
Across The Sea
On Asphodel
Me & Her
Plaster Saint
Maybe I Broke Something Inside?
That Airless Summer