The Young Hasselhoffs - The Obsolete Man Lp

$10.00 - $30.00
The Young Hasselhoffs - The Obsolete Man Lp

This is phase 1 of The Young Hasselhoffs 2024 extravaganza! We’re very excited to be releasing the Obsolete Man on vinyl for the first time. The album was released back in 2011 by Insubordination Records on CD and was immediately recalled due to the Hoff himself not playing fair. There were very few people that actually got a copy of that cd. Fast forward 12 years later we touched up the original artwork and released it as a limited run cd release that sold out very quickly. A year later we brought it back into print on cd a second time (which is almost gone now) and here we are.

The songs were given the full Jason Livermore treatment over at the Blasting Room and the album is sounding better than ever. It’s available on 3 exciting variants of color vinyl with an option to preorder their popular updated obsolete man shirt design that we did with the cd reissue. The release date is 4/26 and that’s when the records will start shipping. The shirts will ship separately as soon as they are printed.

Don’t miss out on the color you want, all 3 of them look fantastic. The clear splatter variant is limited to 50 copies and is only available during the preorder. If there are any of those left over by Friday 4/26, they will be an international distro exclusive. The other two variants are limited to only 100 copies, so if you’re a collector you’ll definitely want to grab all 3 variants now or else you’ll have that grab that clear variant from Europe, the U.K. or Japan.

You And Me Against The World
Not Tonight
It Could Work Out This Time Around
Run Away Tonight
Matilda, Matilda
I’m Already Gone
Only You
Just Hope I Can’t Find My Way Home
Back Where I Belong