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Vista Blue - Seasons Lp


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The vinyl debut from vista blue! Released by something to do records in 2017 on multiple variants of vinyl!

A1 Striking Out With You
A2 We're Gonna Homer (Off Of Homer Bailey)
A3 Somebody Put Something In My Gatorade
A4 Davey Got Drafted
A5 At The Summer Olympics
A6 I Don't Wanna Catch The Zika!
A7 If He Hits One Here
A8 It's Rizzo
A9 Hey Coach, Put Robbie In
A10 Gary's Gonna Hit Into A Double Play
B1 When It Was Summer
B2 Changing Leaves
B3 I Don't Know Where Dr. Frank Lives
B4 Muffins For Breakfast
B5 Crystal Lake
B6 I Can't Stay Up All Nite
B7 Trick 'R Treat
B8 Haddonfield Memorial
B9 Teddy
B10 Jamie Lee

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