AVEM - Three Birds Stoned

$20.00 - $35.00
AVEM - Three Birds Stoned

This 3 piece punk rock band from Ontario, Canada is for the birds. Literally, they love birds and playing melodic punk rock/pop punk. These guys have recorded an absolute banger for their first full length and you're gonna love it!

Three Birds Stoned is available on Toronto Blue Jay vinyl and Birdshit Splatter vinyl as well on a hand numbered digipak lite Cd!

Rat Race
Let's Go Watching
Mother Nature Really Sucks
Keep You Safe
Red Winged Black Bird
No, Homo!
Pre-Suburban Paradise
Happy Hummingbird

Just Like Me
It's Such A Mess
Snowy Owl
Really Gotta Go
Calling Card
Blue Jay*
Martian Wren*
Rotten Egg*
Sing Every Day*