Horror Section - S/T Lp (Reissue)

Horror Section - S/T Lp (Reissue)

The debut full length from Horror Section! Everything from this band sells out fast, this debut Lp was no different, it was originally pressed on orange and yellow vinyl and has been out of print for a while now. Eccentric Pop Records brought it back into print recently on white vinyl. Get one before it's gone again!

A1 Six
A2 They’re Inside
A3 Are You There
A4 Behind The Wheel
A5 Forever Gone
A6 First Hill
A7 Somebody Else
A8 I Want It Back
B1 Rooms And Echoes
B2 Make Them Pay
B3 Murder
B4 Wait For You
B5 Resonator
B6 Working Title
B7 Remains
B8 Don’t Know