Lesser Creatures/Hawaiians Split 12”

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Lesser Creatures/Hawaiians Split 12”

When The Hawaiians from Westerkappeln release new songs, you know it’s going to be sunny. The Ramones are throwing a party with the Beach Boys and singing about Pizza UFOs, Hula Headbangers, and Graveyard Girls. In the process, the three of them are sharing their latest release with their friends Lesser Creatures from Arizona. They too are rooted in the pop-punk genre and often reminiscent of Sloppy Seconds, Screeching Weasel, or The Vindictives. For this particular split LP, the trio led by mastermind Nick Spoon has recorded five new songs, which were produced by none other than Joe Queer (The Queers). Moreover, Joe Queer also sings as a guest for The Hawaiians, thus completing the circle. With 10 brand-new punk anthems from two brilliant bands on a one-sided LP featuring fantastic cover artwork by Paulinho Tscherniak (Flanders 72), this split album becomes a must-have for every pop-punk fan.

Onesided Yellow transparent black marbled, limited to 300 pieces!
One time pressing! No repress! When it`s gone, it`s gone forever!