Back To Lillington High - A Tribute To The Lillingtons

Back To Lillington High - A Tribute To The Lillingtons

Buzzkilled records put together this killer tribute album to the legendary "Lillingtons". Once he showed me the tracklist I immediately asked if we could help out with distribution on it. This comp features several MBR label bands and a bunch of other killer bands. Grab a copy today before they're gone!

Hey Stupid - Alien Girl
Kelsey Badgrammer - Johnny
Kelsey Badgrammer - X-Ray Specs
J Prozac - I Don't Think She Cares
Lustkill - Pom Pom Girl
Doomsdale High - I Got Abducted By A UFO
Zoanoids - War Of The Worlds
Mummula - Black Hole In My Mind
Young Rochelles - Phantom Maggot
Mummula - I Saw The Apeman
J Prozac - You're The Only One
Hey Stupid - I Need Some Brain Damage
Lustkill - Phantom Maggot
Doomsdale High - Robots In My Dreams
The Jasons - Murder On My Mind
Black Russians - Final Transmission
Proton Packs - Mind Control
Proton Packs - One Armed Man
Zoanoids - Gun Bullet
Covert Flops - Russian Attack
Black Russians - Charlie Goes To Cambodia
Covert Flops - Pyramids
The Jasons - Oh Boy