Beatnik Termites - Sweatin’ To The Termites

$10.00 - $20.00
Beatnik Termites - Sweatin’ To The Termites

The legendary Beatnik Termites are back with their first new material since 2003! They’ve teamed up with Mom’s Basement Records to bring their latest full length “Sweatin’ To The Termites” out into the world. This album has been a long time coming and upon first listen, you can see why it took so long to come out. It’s perfection across the board, the Beatnik Termites have their own unique sound that blends an intricate mixture of Bubblegum Punk Rock, Surf Rock and Doo Wop and it sounds better than ever with this new full length. There’s 13 sugary sweet songs on Vinyl, Cd or Cassette. “Sweatin’ To The Termites” was worth the long wait and will have you up and moving in no time.

Track list  

A side 

Pet shop girl 
Denise Marie 
She’s Gonna Kill Me 
Out Of My League 
My Darling Maryann 

B side 

Rubber City Roller Girls 
Summer Summer 
Tell Me Why 
Kiss You 
Pretty Baby
Teardrops and Lollipops