Joe Jitsu - Back To Me Cd

Joe Jitsu - Back To Me Cd

A "Best Of" from Joe Jitsu, it also features 3 new songs and some killer artwork by Kristy Road. This band doesn't know how to write a bad song so what you're getting here is 100% killer pop punk songs. Limited to only 100 copies so don't sleep on it. Remastered by Josh Roman at Mindrocket Studios, that's the studio dude behind the SUCK so you know it sounds top notch.

You Got Me Alone
Back To Me
Joke's On You
Katrina Malone
Upside Down
Steady Decline
One And Only
Back To 83'
Battle Hymn
Girl Don't Tell Me
Over The Edge
Never Gonna Stop
Dark Rooms
Making You Mine
Now Or Never
Synchronized Hearts
Fairytale Lane