Ratbones - Self Titled Cd

Ratbones - Self Titled Cd

The debut full length of Ratbones is back in print courtesy of Mom's Basement Records and I Buy Records. You can hear this italian punk rock bands not so humble beginnings, This album was recorded in Italy and Masstered by the legendary Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Studios. If that's not enough pedigree for you than check out that killer artwork by the legendary S.Britt!

This limited edition reissue of the debut from Ratbones is limited to only 200 copies in a nice digipak. Only 100 copies made it over here to the USA so don't miss out!

1 - Sociopathic
2 - Sk8boarding To Hell
3 - Star Shield
4 - I'm Going Down
5 - Covert Operations
6 - Rock & Beat Her
7 - Prostitute
8 -Mental Rehab
9 - Incompatible
10 - Down With Homework
11 - Put My Helmet On
12 - I Don't Want It
13 - The Iron Pilot