The Bacarrudas - Pool Party Cd ep

The Bacarrudas - Pool Party Cd ep

We are absolutely stoked to be working with the Bacarrudas on their debut full length! Their sound calls back to the 60s Garagey Rock N Roll vibes or Frat Rock as it’s been coined. These songs are crazy fun and leans on nostalgia in all of the right ways possible. If something new, fun and exciting isn’t enough for you, check this out, this is the brain child of Adam Rabuck of Dirt Bike Annie fame and that dude is a power pop punky hit machine! So it’s safe to assume that the Bacarrudas album is going to be killer. There’s 13 smash hits here to fall in love with so get in on this pool party and start your summer off right!

Do It Again
You Can Have My Love If You Want It, OK? Elizabeth Anne
Long Long Time Time Heartbeating
Farmer John
Bad Baby
(Don’t Go) Running Out
Walking & Talking
Ring My Bell
Low Low Low
Rave It Up