The Wanna-bes - Out Went The Lights Cd

The Wanna-bes - Out Went The Lights Cd

The Wanna-Bes - Out Went The Lights is back in print on Cd for the first time ever! We released this legendary album back in 2018 on vinyl only, over the years we've gotten a bunch of requests for a cd version. We finally caved in with the blessing of the band, these cds are limited to 200 copies with 100 of them going to our distributor. Needless to say, supplies are limited. We bet you're thinking to yourself "But what about bonus tracks?"

There's only one way to find out.

I'll Be Alright
Out Went The Lights
What I Want Is You
Come On Down
Summer Vacation
Here We Go Again
Over And Over
Long Way Home
Another Yesterday
Let's Go
Keep It For You
New Direction
Money Talks
Elephant Man