God Save The Queers Vol.2 Lp/Cd

$10.00 - $140.00
God Save The Queers Vol.2 Lp/Cd

God Saves The Queers Vol.2 is a killer tribute to the Queers that was thrown together by Joe Atom of Council-Pop Records and Ken Painter of Insipid Records! They asked us if we wanted to help out with distribution for this scorcher and we couldn't help but say yes! Did you see this line up? There's a few legends in the mix along with a bunch of killer up and comers. There's even a few of MBRs finest in the mix. You can pick up a copy from us on label exclusive Bubblegum Pink Vinyl. We also have 10 copies that are bundled with an exclusive slipmat that is only available here. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Side A

Saturday Night Karaoke - Love Love Love

The 20 Belows - Something In My Heart

The Atoms - Strangle The Girl

The Manges - Cut It Dude

The Priceduifkes - I'm Okay, You're Fucked

The Wimpys - I Met Her At The Rat

Latte+ - Born To Do Dishes

The Radio Buzzkills - Bonehead

Flanders 72 - Houston, We Have A Problem

The Putz - Definitely

Spot Mcrackin - Fucked In The Head (Mcrackins)

Shackleford - The Sun Always Shines Around You

Side B

The Tarleks - Janelle, Janelle

Mugwumps - Teenage Bonehead

The Hum Hums - I Never Got The Girl

Skimmer - I Don't Want You Hanging Around

The Follow Ups - See You Later Fuckface

The Young Rochelles - Psycho Over You

Randells - Surf Goddess

The Prozacs - Yeah, Well, Whatever

The Hawaiians - I Don't Get It

The Jasons - Tit Fuck

The Yodees (ft - Jennifer Menna) - Brian Wilson