Proton Packs - Live At Punk Rock Raduno Lp

Proton Packs - Live At Punk Rock Raduno Lp

Proton Packs live at the 2nd Worst Raduno Ever in Bergamo, Italy! Available on Blue Or Red Vinyl. Available through us in North America, Bad Man Records In Italy or directly through Punk Rock Raduno!

From the Raduno Dudes!

"It was 2021 and the crew of the "Second Worst Raduno", aka second pandemic edition of the festival, launched a Ramones LP into space. Bold move.
The spaceship, aka the balloon, was still floating over the main stage when the Proton Packs started one of their more epic gigs.
Sci-fi themed punk rock, much in the vein of The Lillingtons, but with so much personality and attitude that they've been chosen by Kody himself as his backing band at Raduno 2023.
In pandemic times, that was the crowd's first chance to hear them play songs from their album "Paradox", released just a few months before.
This live recording shows how much they're tight and fast... Chris Mugwumps also jump in as guest vocalist on "Three Holes In My head"."

No Time To Explain
Zombie Reagan
Phantom Vision
Man With The Eyepatch
Parallel Guy

Real Identity
Enigma Machine
Three Holes In My Head
Tin Foil Hat Man