Ramonescore Brigade Vol.3 Lp

$20.00 - $100.00
Ramonescore Brigade Vol.3 Lp

Preorder for the 2023 edition of Ramonescore Brigade!

The Ramonescore Brigade series is a DIY project with the primary purpose of getting newer bands released on vinyl who may not otherwise get the opportunity. A few well known bands have also supported the project, understanding we all were new bands at one point. It's a DIY project, each band contributing equally for their share on the albums. We've had a great response on Volumes One and Two, and Volume Three is just as exciting as the first two. We've gotten support from some record labels to get more of these out there, Mom's Cellar Dwellers (a distribution branch of Mom's Basement Records) in the USA, Council-Pop in the UK and Insipid Records in Canada. 20 great Ramonescore bands you either love already, or soon will. Check these out and make sure to join the Ramonescore Brigade facebook group that all these bands are part of.

1 - The Putz – Teenage Hand Grenade
2 - Marky Murphy & the Meds – Bees & Honey
3 - The Crash Mats – They’ve Just Won a Speedboat
4 - McRackins – Welly Boy
5 - Rimmingtons – Every Night & Every Day / Just In
6 - The Hawaiians – Jingle of 1 Million Eyes
7 - The Chick Magnets – A Simple Question
8 - The Hallingtons – Back to Berlin
9 - Mr. Plow – SDF
10 - The Atoms – Hi Mum, It’s Me (I’m in Jail)
11 - W.O.R.M. – Gammonoid
12 - Noodle Brain – My Girl Needs Rehab
13 - Los Fatso Libres – Jobbing Out
14 - Space Age Zeros – Ali With an Eye
15 - Manarovs – Left Behind
16 - Lily Livers – I Don’t Wanna Wait 4 Luck No More
17 - The Lousekateers – Fanny Pack
18 - Guitar Army – Drop the Gloves
19 - Bad Worms – Sobriety
20 - FLKS – Go Out

The Mom's Cellar Dwellers variant (Silver with rainbow splatter) is limited to 84 variants in total. We only have 40 of them here in the USA. Don't miss out

The collector nerd bundle is limited to only 5 bundles here in the USA. It includes all 4 variants and a test pressing at a discounted price. Once they're gone, they're gone.