Jerk! Panic Attack Cd (3rd Print)

Jerk! Panic Attack Cd (3rd Print)

Jerk! began in Las Vegas in 2015 with members from Indiana, Kentucky and California. The trio started playing local shows around the Vegas area and quickly made a name for themselves as they defined their sound with a heavy Ramones influence. After releasing a split EP in 2018 they released the full length album, Panic Attack in the summer of 2019.

This is the 3rd edition of Panic Attack, the artwork was updated and this printing is limited to only 100 copies.

JERK! Is...

Joshua Tussinger- Bass/Vocals
Matt Brown- Guitar/Vocals
Josh Howard- Drums

Tracklist -
1. Invader of My Mind
2. Suzy is a Bonehead
3. Atomic
4. Goodbye Sonia
5. Jerk!
6. In My Dreams
7. I Killed the Prom Queen
8. Hey Bud, Let’s Party
9. Freak
10. Hate Guys Like You
11. Fuck You Moron
12. Just You
13. Mr. Metalhead
14. Radical