No Matter - Bad Chemistry Lp

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No Matter - Bad Chemistry Lp

For the uninitiated, No Matter are a melodic punk band from N.Ireland who've been around for a little over a decade. During that time they've worked relentlessly, touring around the world, impressing audiences and perfecting their sound as they went. Bad Chemistry sees the natural culmination of these efforts as they deliver their most complete and concise album to date. Every one of the 14 tracks on offer here is a legitimate punk banger. Released by Brassneck Records in the U.K.

A1 Brickwall
A2 It's Boring
A3 In Spite of You
A4 Shitegeist
A5 Hope It's Hell
A6 Canola
A7 Gravity
B1 Crowd Pleaser
B2 Fine Print
B3 Otherside
B4 The Machine Stops
B5 Tinfoil
B6 Unsaid
B7 Like A Masochist